Organic Effortless Immune Health Capsules (60 pcs)


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Organic Immune Health Capsules

Discover Daitea High Potency Premium Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc, your ultimate health capsules meticulously crafted by Daitea Global Trade Inc. This dynamic blend features a potent fusion of Vitamin C and 20 mg of Zinc sulfate, sourced from world-leading suppliers of ascorbic acid.

Immerse yourself in the remarkable benefits: fortified immunity year-round, thanks to Zinc Sulfate’s superior bioavailability. Experience a surge in vitality as Zinc aids nutrient metabolism, crucial for energy production. Vitamin C, the collagen synthesis champion, ensures healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints, enhancing your overall well-being.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our Vitamin C and Zinc combo acts as a robust antioxidant shield, safeguarding your cells from free radical damage. With 60 easy-to-swallow capsules per bottle, each bearing the Daitea hallmark of quality, your journey to enduring vitality begins. Embrace the future of health with Daitea High Potency Premium Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc – where science meets wellness.

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60pcs-1 bottle


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