Comfortable Cashmere Weighted Blanket (1 pcs)


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Cashmere Weighted Blanket

The WOLTU Cashmere-Feel Weighted Blanket is a masterclass in the fusion of opulent tranquility and sophisticated comfort. This therapy blanket isn’t just a blanket; it’s an intricately designed sanctuary meticulously crafted to redefine your sleep, cocooning you in an embrace of tranquil calmness and stress relief.

Tailored for adults seeking more than just sleep, it’s a haven crafted for profound, rejuvenating rest.

At its very essence are meticulously engineered luxurious specifications designed for the ultimate in comfort. The blend of microfiber fabric creates a haven of cashmere-like softness that beckons you into its embrace. Weighing a substantial 11 kg and measuring 150*200cm, this blanket isn’t merely a cover but a testament to quality and spaciousness, ensuring an encompassing cocoon of warmth.

The cashmere softness is artfully reimagined through a microfiber exterior (220g/m²) complemented by a plush polyester lining (105g/m²). The filling, comprising non-toxic and hypoallergenic glass beads, is evenly distributed.

Beyond just comfort, this design guarantees an unparalleled level of relaxation. As you sink into the plushness, it envelops you with a gentle yet reassuring pressure, delivering the much-desired Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS).

Experience the profound benefits of DPS as the cashmere weighted blanket delicately applies pressure across your body. This sensation fosters a sense of security, diminishes stress, and eases muscles into a state of relaxation. The outcome? Elevated sleep quality and a seamless transition into a restful slumber.

It’s more than just a blanket; it’s a conduit to nights steeped in serenity and mornings refreshed with vigor.

Customized comfort defines this blanket’s essence. Tailor your sleep experience by selecting the cashmere weighted blanket that caters to your needs. Typically recommended at around 7-12% of your body weight for optimal comfort, this product isn’t recommended for pregnant women, children, or the elderly.

It’s a design meticulously tailored to cater specifically to the sleep requisites of adults seeking a holistic sleep solution.

This blanket transcends mere utility; it’s an embodiment of care and empathy. Beyond just being a weighted blanket, it’s an exquisite gift for loved ones grappling with anxiety, insomnia, or discomfort. Packaged elegantly, it’s not just a gift; it’s a thoughtful and exclusive option that echoes warmth and consideration.

Effortlessly maintain the pristine condition of your cashmere weighted blanket. Simply tap or gently shake off any accumulated dust. Washing, dry cleaning, or ironing isn’t advised to safeguard its quality. Consider employing a cover to further protect and prolong the blanket’s lifespan.

With each purchase, you receive 1x Weighted Blanket, inviting you to envelop yourself in a haven of comfort and relaxation from the moment it arrives. This isn’t merely about sleep; it’s about transforming your sleep into an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

Unlock a rejuvenating sleep experience, alleviate stress, and embrace tranquility. Allow the WOLTU Cashmere-Feel Weighted Blanket to be your unwavering companion on the journey to enhanced well-being, commencing today.

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